New prices for the tickets purchased in a vehicle

Dear users,

from Monday, 01.07.2024. year, there will be a correction of the price of a ticket purchased in a vehicle in the City area, which will cost €2.50, instead of the current €1.99. The last correction of this type of map was more than twelve years ago, on May 15, 2012.


It is important to us that our drivers can focus as much as possible on driving and on the safety of passengers and other road users, especially in summer rush hour when a lot of concentration is required. With a more pronounced differentiation of prices inside and outside the vehicle, we want to further encourage passengers to buy a ticket outside the bus, which will lead to a reduction in crowds at the entrance to the bus, a shorter stay of the bus at the stop for boarding passengers, and thus faster traffic on the line and maintenance of the timetable.


icon calendar 28.06.2024.